The Team

Monoceros Team

Adam Pavlicek, Ph.D.

Founder & CEO

Julio Fernandez, Ph.D.

NGS & Big Data Leader

Sole Gatto, Ph.D.

NGS & Single Cell Sequencing Specialist

Niels Klitgord, Ph.D.

Microbiome & Metabolic Specialist

Benjamin P. Kellman, Ph.D.

Multi-Omic Modeling, Biostatistics, Glycosylation, Metagenomics

Leo He, Ph.D.

Genomic Data Analysis, Pipeline Construction, Machine Learning

Christine Olmstead

Bioinformatics Programmer

Matthew Onorato

Bioinformatics Programmer

Andrea Hom

People and Operations Specialist

Tomas Pavlicek

IT Consultant

Board Members

Dan Rawlins

Dan Rawlins, JD.

Board Member

John Lamb

John Lamb, PhD.

Board Member