Monoceros Biosystems

Making top quality bioinformatics available to all.


Why Monoceros™?

Quality bioinformatics is a complex multidisciplinary field essential to increase the probability of success in drug discovery. Companies of all sizes are given a competitive edge by employing the top tier informatics services of Monoceros™, the sophistication of which is rivaled only by the largest biopharma in the world.

Drug discovery experience

Therapeutic experience

Cost-effective support

Broad diversified team


Experiment design & data interpretation

Extensive experience in all stages of drug discovery.

Our team of experienced drug hunters, several of which were previously heads of therapeutics departments, can support all your needs throughout the drug development process.

Target identification and validation, model selection, PD and MoA studies, translational biomarkers, patient selection strategies, clinical development support, indications discovery, drug repositioning needs, due diligence on assets

Broad experience in many therapeutic areas and modalities.

  • Therapeutic areas include oncology, immunology, neurology, ophthalmology, infectious disease, fibrosis, metabolic disease, respiratory, rare disease

  • Therapeutic modalities include small molecules, antibodies, peptides, oligonucleotide therapeutics, RNA and gene therapy, vaccines

Immediate cost-effective support with minimal lead time.

Our unparalleled, cloud-based artificial intelligence-enabled platform offers state of the art solutions and key public datasets available from day one.

Broad, diversified team with
built-in redundancies

that can bring robust long-term bioinformatics support – scalable according to your needs – to build lean, efficient R&D organizations.

A team of dedicated analysts assigned to your projects

providing you real-time, full engagement & collaboration. This dedicated team will harness the potential of long-term close collaboration with your R&D projects.

Strong focus on experiment design and data interpretation.

Our team of experts helps with optimal experimental design to extract the most value out of your experiments. Our data interpretation expertise allows efficient and rational decision making.