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Sole Gatto, PhD.

NGS & Single Cell Sequencing Specialist

Dr. Sole Gatto started her career in biomedical sciences in Napoli, Italy, where she earned her undergraduate degrees (BS and MS) in Medical Biotechnologies, and her PhD in Computational Biology from the University of Napoli Federico II. She worked in different labs at the University and at the CNR (National Council of Research), gaining experience in both microarray and Next Generation Sequencing data analysis. Her work focused on the characterization of gene expression profiles and epigenetic modifications in several genetic disease contexts. Her passion for science and desire for improvement motivated her to travel as visiting PhD student to the MRC|LMB (Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology) in Cambridge (UK) and to the Radboud Institute for Molecular Life Sciences (RIMLS) in Nijmegen (NL) in 2011. Sole moved to San Diego in 2012 to complete her PhD project first, which she defended in 2013, and then to pursue her postdoc at the Sanford Burnham Prebys Institute. Her postdoctoral work was focused on the skeletal muscle cell types gene expression characterization at the single-cell level in the acute and chronic injury context. In May 2017, Sole joined Regulus as part of the bioinformatics team. Her responsibilities included leading and performing the NGS analysis pipeline development, omics data analysis, and support of multiple drug discovery projects.

Dr. Gatto has a broad experience in molecular and computational biology, which she applied to many different therapeutic areas and allows her to have a unique approach to data analysis. She has publications in top ranked journals including Nature Medicine, Nature Cell Biology, Nature Communications, Nucleic Acids Research and eLife.