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Robert Foreman, PhD.

Spatial Genomics & Imaging Specialist

Dr. Robert Foreman started his career studying Cellular Biology and Physiology at the University of North Carolina Charlotte. He then moved to the University of California, San Diego where he received his Ph.D. in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology. Following his PhD he completed a Postdoc at UCLA where he was a Technology Fellow in the Quantitative Biology Collaboratory. His work during his Ph.D. focused on developing experimental methods in multiplexed single-molecule FISH imaging, and applying these methods to studying cell state driven heterogeneity in gene expression and live-cell signaling dynamics, as well as spatial patterns of cell type specific dysregulation in the brain.

Dr. Foreman has extensive experience designing and carrying out both experimental and quantitative biological studies, particularly in the area of integrating complex phenotypic data with omic data such as gene expression measurements. He has published in Molecular Systems Biology, Nucleic Acids Research, and other top journals.