About us

Adam Pavlicek, PhD.

Founder & CEO

Dr. Adam Pavlicek started his interdisciplinary training at the Charles University, Prague, where he received B.S. in Biology and M.S. in Theoretical Biology, focusing on mathematical and statistical models of living systems. His fascination with genomics led to a Ph.D. in Human Genetics from the Jacques Monod Institute, University of Paris 7. In 2006, Dr. Pavlicek joined Pfizer Oncology, where he focused on the identification of new cancer targets and the discovery of predictive biomarkers of drug response from multidimensional omics data. He contributed to biomarker and patient selection strategies for several late stage projects including Palbociclib (IBRANCE®), crizotinib (Xalcori®), as well as Aurora, Ang2, IGF1R, and gamma-secretase inhibitors. In 2012, he joined Regulus Therapeutics initially as a head of bioinformatics and later served as Senior Director of Discovery Technologies and Orphan Diseases. At Regulus, Dr. Pavlicek responsibilities included overseeing the platform biology group as well as discovery and validation of novel microRNA targets for rare diseases.

Throughout his career, Dr. Pavlicek has acquired substantial expertise in drug discovery including broad expertise in many therapeutic areas including oncology, rare diseases, and disorders of liver, kidney, CNS, and eye. Dr. Pavlicek has published 50 original scientific articles and reviews, including articles in Lancet, Cancer Discovery, Nature Communications, JNCI, Trends in Genetics, Genome Research, PLoS Biology, and PNAS. He is the founder and CEO of Monoceros Biosystems, co-founder of DTx Pharma, and advisor for multiple drug discovery companies.