Monoceros Biosystems, a top bioinformatics/computational biology industry partner, is pleased to announce the appointment of John Lamb, PhD and Dan Rawlins, JD to its Advisory Board

Monoceros Biosystems LLC is pleased to announce that John Lamb, PhD and Dan Rawlins, JD joined its Advisory Board. “As we pursue our goal of building the top value added Bioinformatics company, I couldn’t be more excited to have John and Dan join our emerging advisory board. John brings tremendous experience in computational biology and drug discovery industry and Dan brings top grade legal and compliance standards” said Adam Pavlicek, PhD, CEO of Monoceros Biosystems LLC. “Both of these new Advisory Board members will contribute to our business development, science and industry focus, legal, and compliance strategies and ultimately help our efforts to build a world class bioinformatics service company”.

“I’m very excited to join Monoceros Biosystems’ board and looking forward to working with the Monoceros team in pursuing their ambitious goals” said Dr. Lamb. “Building a successful, long-lasting biotechnology company requires many areas of expertise and I’m happy to join the fantastic team at Monoceros in their efforts,” added Rawlins.

About John Lamb, PhD

Dr. John Lamb has 12 years of experience in academia followed by a 17 year career in industry in Merck, Pfizer and Novartis, involving roles at both the technical and leadership levels. He stopped work in 2018 due to sight loss (Retinitis pigmentosa). During his career, Dr. Lamb worked extensively on new target identification and validation, biomarker development, and personalized medicine using systems biology/integrative genomics approaches in a broad range of therapeutic areas including oncology, metabolic diseases, cardiovascular disease, and diseases of liver, kidney, muscle and brain. His work has involved working with many teams involving people of diverse backgrounds, technical skills and levels, as well as across all stages of the drug development pipeline. His work has focused on strategic and tactical vision, experimental design and execution, statistical analyses and experimental follow up. He is the author of 10 patents and more than 58 publications, many in the top scientific journals.

About Dan Rawlins, JD

Dan Rawlins is a licensed attorney and business consultant providing services to a broad range of clients of varying size. With experience in Human Resources, Labor & Employment Law, Criminal Law, Administrative Law, Political/Government Affairs, and Negotiation/Mediation/Arbitration, he brings a unique strategic perspective to the challenges companies face in today’s business environment. In addition to working with individuals and companies, Dan is an Adjunct Professor at a San Diego law school and Coach of that law school’s Alternative Dispute Resolution competitive traveling team. He has lectured on many different legal and professional topics at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.