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Chris Roberts, Ph.D.

Client operations leader & integrator, proteomics, and image analysis

Chris Roberts has >20 years experience leading teams of bioinformaticists supporting drug discovery and development teams. Chris received a B.S. in Biochemistry at the University of Iowa and a Ph.D. in Biology at the University of Oregon where he studied yeast cell biology. After performing additional fungal biology studies as a post-doc at Oregon and the University of Washington, Chris joined the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle where he worked on cancer drug discovery studies in yeast and mammalian cells. In 1997, Chris joined the start-up company Rosetta Inpharmatics where he led a yeast lab that contributed to many foundational studies on how to use global transcriptomics to understand drug activity in cells (including publications in Cell and Science). He also contributed to a collaboration with the Netherlands Cancer Institute on breast cancer prognosis, which ultimately led to development of the MammoprintTM clinical diagnostic assay (published in Nature and New England Journal of Medicine).

Rosetta was acquired by Merck in 2001, and Chris took on leadership of a bioinformatics team that supported drug discovery and clinical development program.s across all therapeutic areas. Chris worked at Merck from 2001 to 2013, initially in Seattle and then later in Boston MA. Chris moved to Biogen in 2014 where he led a bioinformatics team that supported drug discovery and development and also biomanufacturing. In 2019, Chris joined the Novartis research site in San Diego CA, where he led a bioinformatics team focused on early discovery efforts. At Monoceros, Chris will be focusing on client outreach and working with Monoceros bioinformaticists to positively impact the drug discovery efforts of our customers.